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How to Get Through an 18-Hole Round Pain-Free!

June 13, 2018

As we get older, it’s natural to start suffering from chronic knee or back pain. For people who love to play golf, this pain can make the sport difficult to play. However, there are ways you can manage your pain to get through 18 holes of golf without being impeded.
Here is some information about pain management in Fort Mill, SC to help you still get out on the links and enjoy a round of golf.

Playing golf while managing back pain

Approximately 75 to 85 percent of Americans will deal with chronic back pain at some point in their lives. It should come as no surprise, then, that this problem is definitely noticeable among golfers. Taking big swings with a club certainly puts extra pressure on the back, and even bending down to pick up the ball or kneeling to check how your ball lies can add some extra strain on the lumbar region.

There are some back injuries that go away, but chronic conditions require smart approaches to pain management.

The process with managing that pain begins before you actually start playing the game. First and foremost, you should be sure to warm up before you start playing a round. Do some stretches and take some practice swings to loosen up and encourage greater flexibility in your back. Going in “cold” will make it more likely that you experience pain during the round at some point.

Next, you might need to adapt your swing a bit. You can adjust your swing to limit the impact it has on the back by bending your right knee and turning your left shoulder down during the course of your backswing. This will transfer the pressure to the middle of your spine rather than the lower back portion. Thrusting your pelvis as you hit the ball and maintaining a good posture also helps you to avoid an unnecessary amount of pain.

Avoid climbing into sand traps or bunkers if at all possible. If you do absolutely have to go into a bunker to hit your ball, use the most even, lowest section of the bunker.

You can also take some steps to limit the strain you’re placing on your back in between holes. Try to use a golf cart as much as possible so you don’t have to carry around your clubs. But if you don’t have a cart or a caddy, the best thing you can do is use a backpack-style dual strap to carry your bag. You can also adjust your club selection so you aren’t carrying around as much equipment that you know you won’t use.

Potential treatments and therapies

Beyond these simple adjustments to your game and behavior, there are also certain treatments and therapies that can help you manage your back pain and get through a game of golf. For example, certain types of cell therapy and PRP injections are commonly used among athletes to help them manage their pain and get the most out of their time on the links.

For more information about these treatments, contact our therapists specializing in pain management in Fort Mill, SC.

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