Stretches to Help Soothe Your Back Pain

July 12, 2018

Do you regularly suffer from back pain? You’re not alone—chronic back pain is one of the most common conditions among people of all ages throughout the United States. You can manage your pain in a variety of ways, including by performing several stretches on a daily basis.

Here are some tips we have to help you use stretches as part of your physical rehabilitation in Fort Mill, SC for chronic back pain:

  • Knee to chest: This exercise stretches out your lower back and your glutes while aligning your pelvis. It’s quite simple—lie down flat on your back with your toes pointing up toward the ceiling (or sky). Then, slowly bend your right knee and use both your hands to pull it toward your chest, as far as you can go. Wrap both of your arms around your thigh, shin or knee, and hold the position for at least 20 seconds before you extend the leg back to the starting position. Alternate legs a total of three times each.
  • The cat/cow stretch: With this move, begin by getting down on all four hands and knees, with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly beneath your hips. Slowly exhale and arch up your spine, then inhale while you tighten your core and push your back up into a rounded position, similar to how a cat stretches. Move back and forth slowly between these movements, holding each for five to 10 seconds. Repeat this a total of 10 times.
  • The cobra: This is an excellent move to stretch your abs and lower back. Begin by lying flat on your stomach, with legs fully extended and palms flat on the ground on either side of your head, forearms and elbows both flat on the ground. Push your body upward slowly with your weight resting on your forearms, keeping your hips planted to the ground. When you feel your abs and lower back stretching, hold for 10 seconds and breathe, then return slowly back to your starting position. Repeat this five times.
  • Knee twist: This movement helps you strengthen your abs and stretch out the paraspinal muscles. Lie down on your back with your legs pointing straight out. Bend the right knee up first and cross it over to the other side of your body, holding the position that allows you to feel a soft, gentle stretch through your glutes and back. Hold that position for 20 seconds, then repeat on the other side. Do this three times.
  • Restful pose: Also known as the child’s pose in yoga, this stretch helps you to relax your muscles and stretch out your back. Get on your hands and knees with the knees just outside your hips, turning in your toes to touch and pushing your hips backward, bending your knees in the process. Once you’ve hit a comfortable spot, extend your arms and bring your head forward to a relaxation position, where you can hold the pose for 20 seconds. Repeat this three times.

For more information about back stretches that can help you in your physical rehabilitation in Fort Mill, SC, contact Apollo Physical Medicine today.

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