How Can Sports Injuries Be Prevented?

October 1, 2018

As an athlete, you put an extraordinary amount of stress on your body with every lap, game, match or competition. Running, jumping, twisting and colliding with others takes a toll on the joints, muscles and bones that comprise your musculoskeletal system.

Because of this stress, it’s no wonder that athletes are constantly getting hurt—both on and off the field. Sports injuries in Fort Mill, SC are extremely common, but they don’t have to be an athlete’s reality. Taking extra precautions, getting adequate rest and seeking physical treatment can help prevent injuries from occurring, letting you stay in the game for longer.

Understand the risks

In order to prevent injuries from happening during athletic activity, an athlete must first understand the risks of their particular sport and how their actions affect their body.

A high-impact sport like football comes with much different risks than something like tennis. Football has a higher risk of broken bones and concussions, while the repetitive movements in tennis can lead to joint problems and muscle stiffness.

Take a close look at the movements you do every day as part of your sport, as well as the potential complications you face if you’re interacting with other players. Having this understanding will then help you know specifically what areas of the body to pay attention to when stretching or getting treatment.

Tips for preventing sports injuries in Fort Mill, SC

There are a few important things you should do before, during and after sports to minimize the risk of injury:

  • Stretch: Every athlete has heard this recommendation, but not everyone follows it as closely as they should. Warming up before a workout and stretching afterwards will ensure that your muscles are primed for exercise and won’t get tight and restrict your movements.
  • Wear protective gear: Protective gear like helmets, cups and padding are designed to protect some of the most vulnerable parts of the body during sports games. Failing to use this specialized gear puts you at a higher risk of being injured in these places.
  • Take a break: Many sports injuries actually begin as small muscle sprains or other pains that athletes choose to ignore. Playing through pain puts more stress on the stressed body part and can make an injury far worse. Always take breaks and time away from the sport to heal if your body needs it.
  • Seek physical treatment: A lot of athletes assume that physical therapy, chiropractic care and other forms of sports medicine are only useful after an injury, but this is not true. Visiting a sports medicine specialist before being injured can help you stay flexible, strengthen muscles and fix minor body alignment or structural issues that could turn into injuries over time.

The board-certified health care providers at Apollo Physical Medicine know how important staying in the game is to athletes, which is why we offer a wide variety of treatment options to both prevent and ease sports injuries in Fort Mill, SC. Call today to learn more about our non-surgical treatment options and to schedule an appointment!

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