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The Process of Donating Stem Cells

January 10, 2019

Are you interested in becoming a stem cell donor? If so, there are several different ways those cells can be collected and used in orthopedics in Fort Mill, SC and other treatments. Here is some information about each of those methods. Bone marrow stem cell donation The process of donating bone marrow stem cells is often called a “bone marrow harvest,” a procedure that’s performed under general anesthesia in the operating room. The marrow cells get taken out of the back of the pelvic bone. During the procedure, the donor lies face down, and a large needle is put through... View Article

The Process of Stem Cell Therapy

December 27, 2018

Stem cell therapy is an emerging branch of medicine that is rapidly becoming more popular. While there are still not very many stem cell therapies that are approved for public use, there are some that have already begun to make their way into the mainstream. What was once seen in some quarters as a shadowy and controversial branch of medicine is now receiving significant acclaim for its usefulness and effectiveness. Here’s some information from our orthopedic clinic in Fort Mill, SC about stem cell therapies and the processes you go through when receiving this treatment. What to expect The step... View Article

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Orthopedic Treatments

November 28, 2018

You might feel like you have no hope of ever living a life free of pain after experiencing a major injury. Many patients feel like surgery is the only option to return to the pain-free life they lived before. Most surgeries are dramatic, invasive and often life-altering procedures—and not always in the way that patients hope. The procedures can be highly risky and are often accompanied by a lengthy rehabilitation period. But surgery isn’t the only option. In fact, most injuries can be treated without surgery. Many professionals recommend non-surgical orthopedic treatments instead. Not only are non-surgical procedures less invasive,... View Article

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