Optimum Whole-Body Health in Fort Mill, SC

Whole-Body-HealthYour body is a complex system that needs total attention—not just in the areas that are ailing you. At Apollo Physical Medicine, we believe in treating the whole body, which is why we provide personalized plans for each of our patients that ensures optimum wellness throughout.

Corporate Wellness

We offer a wide range of wellness options for your company and employee’s benefits. We allow for companies to customize the plan they think is best for their employees, to ultimately increase productivity, energy and cultivate a balance at the workplace. Companies that have taken the initiative to include corporate wellness have seen a decrease in call outs or sick days, increase in productivity, increase in employee energy and ultimately happy employees that feel valued.

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  • Meal planning
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Vitamins
  • Regular video calls with physicians
  • Lab-Based Nutrition Plan
  • IV Therapy
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Custom Supplements
  • Yoga and Workout Classes
  • Regular Check-Ups
  • B12 Injections
  • Custom Detox

Weightloss Wellness

Looking for weight loss that stays lost?

We see patients that are serious about finding a better lifestyle that includes benefits such as more energy, healthy weight loss, more alertness and overall better productivity. We help to customize a plan that fits within your budget and your pace. We have multiple options in our plans to choose from that include:

  • Custom lab-based nutrition plan (based on your own vitals)
  • In-body analysis report
  • Consultations with our doctor
  • Initial Exam
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Custom detox cleanses
  • Personal training
  • Much more

Our medical-based approach to diet and wellness also means you’re getting a plan that’s intimately personalized for you. We create a plan from your personal genetic lab work to make sure it’s absolutely right for you.

  • Start Eating Smarter

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