Sports Medicine in Fort Mill, SC

sports medicine RehabAthletes and other highly active individuals put high levels of stress and strain on their bodies, often resulting in overwork and injury. When injuries are left untreated or don’t heal properly, it could mean a lifetime of nagging pain or limited mobility.

At Apollo Physical Medicine, we offer a complete scope of sports medicine in Fort Mill, SC to patients with the intent of helping them correct and resolve injuries caused by overwork. Whether you’re a star athlete coming off a fresh injury or someone who has been living with the effects of an injury for years, we’re here to help. Our treatments include:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
    When physical therapy isn’t enough to repair an injury or other degenerative changes in the joint, these procedures can jumpstart the regenerative process. These injections also include growth factors, cytokines, and scaffolding to promote healing, minimize scar tissue, promoting cartilage growth and more!
  • PRP
    Similar to stem cells, utilizing patients own blood components in the regenerative process. This is a procedure that has been utilized for years with everyone from professional backgrounds.
  • Functional rehabilitation
    Correcting muscular imbalances to ensure proper healing and decrease the risk of re-injury. We utilize a functional evaluation to custom tailor specific protocols for each patient to enhance athletic performance.
  • Trigger point injections
    In areas of muscle spasm or “knots”, we are able to inject a local anesthetic to allow the spasm to release and regain normal muscular function.
  • Vibration therapy
    Vibration therapy has been shown to enhance balance and special awareness, which is something that is essential to correct an injury and significantly reduce the risk of reinjury.
  • Chiropractic treatment
    We offer chiropractic treatment for patients that have joint restriction and adhesions. We offer manual adjusting as well as tool-assisted procedures, perfect for patients both young and old.
  • Getting targeted sports medicine after an injury can not only help you recovery fully, but also get you jumpstarted on improving strength, quickness, agility, coordination and more, so you can play better even after a setback.

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