October 24, 2018

Treats the whole body

"A few weeks ago I "tweaked" my neck during a routine workout and within 3 days I could barely move my neck and was terribly uncomfortable and in pain. A neighbor recommended Apollo Physical Medicine and Dr. Evans. I reached out explaining my situation and despite having a packed schedule he fit me in the next day and I am grateful. I feel he was very thorough in reviewing my information, explained things in detail and made sure I understood the why's not just the how's and discussed a plan to get me feeling better. Within 2 days of my first visit I finally had relief after a week of agony. I continue to improve and appreciate that Dr. Evans treats the whole body not just the acute problem. I am highly impressed with the practice and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
October 17, 2018

l highly recommend!

"Logan Evans is absolutely fantastic, l highly recommend!"
October 17, 2018

Stem Cell works wonders

"I was introduced to Apollo by a lady from a water excersice class. I was scheduled for a knee surgery two weeks prior to my first visit with Dr. Evans. I made the decision to try stem cell injections. I had my injection within a couple of weeks and I could immediately feel the difference. The next eight weeks was with physical therapy, BP checks, chiropractic adjustments and a continuing support from the staff. I am continuing this at home now and I am pain free 97%of the time. My ability to get up from seated position , to climb stairs and be more independent has returned.I would recommend this procedure and the staff to anyone who is dealing with pain and possible surgery. Dr. Evans and staff to anyone who is dealing with pain and possible surgery. Dr. Evans and staff have made this decision a positive and happy choice."
October 1, 2018

The staff is wonderful!

"The staff is wonderful! I am more than pleased by my results!"
July 29, 2018

Best Orthopedic

"Long Overdue Commendation/Review. My apology to Dr. Logan Evans and the amazing staff at Apollo Physical Medicine for taking so long to offer this review and commendation. I guess it’s sort of funny, but the overwhelming success of the experience that got me back into an active life is the reason I got too busy to give credit where credit was due. I completed a Supartz Knee treatment this past January. It has changed my life – for the better, much better. Prior to the Supartz and physical rehab my quality of life was dominated by pain and increasing loss of mobility due to hip and knee issues. Constant pain, stiffness, popping sensations made walking and climbing stairs intolerable. Ibuprofen and occasional pain medicine just wasn’t doing it anymore. Fear of complex medical tests and potential severe consequences, like surgery, kept me from doing anything about this increasingly aggravating condition. I saw an ad for knee pain, was skeptical, but figured no harm done to check it out. Everything from the promised extensive consultation to treatment options seemed too good to be true. Fortunately, it was more than true. Dr. Evans and the entire staff are genuine, professional and skilled. Because of the friendly staff and sincere caring attitude I looked forward to each visit. The Supartz treatments, decompression and rehabilitation therapy worked for me. I no longer have pain. I’m back to an active lifestyle. Additionally, I learned how to maintain this renewed fitness and strength. Thank you Apollo Physical Medicine."
Apollo Physical Medicine