December 7, 2017

I would recommend this to anyone

"I have just finished my Supart injections along with physical therapy for osteoarthritis in my left knee. I was having significant knee pain and stiffness. I had difficulty climbing stairs and walking distances and was limited in a lot of physical activity. The treatment and especially the physical therapy has strengthened my whole body. The therapy that I have had in the past was specifically for the body part I had surgery on. The therapy that Apollo provided was for your entire body. It definitely has strengthened my legs, arms and provided the support that my knees needed. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from weakness and osteoarthritis knee pain. It has certainly helped me. Their whole staff are very supportive."
October 2, 2017

Truly Enjoyable Experience

"Dr. Evans is awesome for relieving my pain. I have a noticeable difference with my right shoulder and ability to move it without the feeling of it coming out of joint. My neck feels more relaxed from my first initial visit and now able to sleep at night without waking up from the pain. I love to come in for my appointments because the staff listens to my complaints and is able to help me accomplish my goals. I have completed over 20 rehab appointment and have noticed an improvement in weight loss balance and Mobility. Thank y'all for letting me give fun nicknames to all staff members. I have had a truly enjoyable experience here at Carolina Integrated Medicine. Wow! G. Foxx"
August 24, 2017

Absolutely Fantastic

"I just wanted to let anyone who has any type of knee trouble, please give Carolina Integrated Medicine a try. Dr. Evans and Kelli are a Good sent answer for me. They both have really made a difference in my knee problems. Also, Gabriel and EKO are absolutely fantastic with the rehabilitation part of the program. And also, Kala at the front desk is most helpful with any questions you have and always has a friendly smile. So please, give them a try."
August 16, 2017

I Am So Thankful

"I am writing to recommend Carolina Integrated Medicine on the basis of treatment of my knee problems. Dr. Evans, and Family Nurse Practitioner Kelli Harky, and support staff, provide an excellent standard of care which is responsive to the needs I presented. I received a Surforce injection to my right knee, which worked to regenerate cartilage. It allowed my right knee to function normally, without pain. On the basis of this experience, I am returning for follow-up, and for a Surforce injection for my left knee. For me, regeneration which allows my knees to function normally is preferable to "knee replacement" surgery. I am so thankful to Dr. Evans and Carolina Integrated Medicine for providing this constructive procedure. Carolina Integrated Medicine is dedicated to overall health promotion."
July 20, 2017

I Am Amazed

"I have completed my tenth therapy session and I am amazed how much better my knees and legs feel. I was preparing for knee replacements soon,when I decided to try the complimentary review with Dr. Evans. I can walk without shuffling and I can easily rise from sitting. I can now walk short distances without having to sit and rest. I am so pleased with my progress. Dr. Evans and the staff are friendly,understanding,and very knowledgeable of the body. So thankful for their help and guidance. No longer thinking knee replacement is the only answer. L.B."
Apollo Physical Medicine